Dean Minardi

Team Member, DLT and Senior Director of Property and Risk Management, LSSMN

In 2012, when widespread floods affected his local area of Duluth, Minnesota, Dean Minardi was recruited to help six counties in northeast MN and one county in northern Wisconsin to repair and replace nearly 1,700 homes. Working with a disaster team, Dean served as the Construction Manager and supervised Case Managers that assisted 800 individuals and families through various levels of repair to replacement. Currently Dean works for Lutheran Social Service of MN as the Senior Director of Property and Risk Management where he leads a team that is responsible for lease renewal, remodeling or updating the 200 properties LSS owns and leases. As a member of the Disaster Leadership Team, Dean feels it is essential to help others through the various stages of the recovery process, especially when faced with the challenge to meet everyone’s recovery needs. Prior to working in flood recovery, Dean owned and operated Manufacture and Modular Sales Center in Duluth, MN. He has served on the Board of Directors for several organizations including the Boy Scouts of America, his local School Board, Manufacture Home Association and National Manufacturing Home Association.

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