Jeff Blackburn, DLT Advisory Committee

Pastor, Greensburg Mennonite Church

Jeffrey D. Blackburn has been the pastor of Greensburg Mennonite Church, Greensburg, Kansas, for more than 20 years. On May 4, 2007, the community of Greensburg sustained a direct hit from an EF5 tornado, which leveled nearly 90% of the town of 1300,┬áincluding the entire downtown, its schools, the hospital, and most private homes. Jeff’s role as a long-term pastor was redefined by the trauma the community experienced. As members of the faith community, local pastors have been partners in the recovery and rebuilding efforts of the town at all levels. Jeff and his family lost their home and belongings in the tornado, and with the rest of the community, started over. With the assistance of numerous volunteers and organizations, the community has recovered to half its pre-disaster population.