01Our mission

We are a team made up of individuals who have been through a natural disaster and have led our communities through recovery to that new normal. Each team member has extensive experience and knowledge in disaster recovery and is available to help communities new to disaster through the process.

Experienced disaster recovery leaders

Adept at establishing long-term recovery organizations

Offering emotional support for community leaders

02What we do

Mentorship in establishing Long Term Recovery Organizations through calls and attending meetings

One-on-one, face-to-face guidance and support for as long as a community needs it, typically between 1-2 years

Professional presentations to audiences about unmet needs round tables, long term recovery from a survivors perspective, and many others

Presentation videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel

03Our team

With experiences ranging from small communities to large cities, we are prepared to assist community leaders new to disaster and help them to address the everyday frustrations and roadblocks that are present when disaster strikes. We want to provide guidance so communities experiencing disasters do not have to do it on their own.

Wildfires in CA - Woolsey Wildfire, Campfire Wildfire in Paradise

Floods in Nebraska: Dodge County, Sarpy County, Douglas County, Heartland LTR, East Central LTR

Hurricane Michael - Gulf County LTR, North Florida Inland LTR

How we help

Having personally experienced the trauma that comes with natural disaster, we understand what it’s like. As community leaders, we have worked to help provide for our communities’ needs throughout recovery. Fires, floods, mudslides, and tornadoes destroyed all, or parts, of our towns. But we, alongside our communities, rose from the ashes and debris. While we were on the emotional roller coaster of recovery, we all asked ourselves,

“Disasters happen, where are the people who have been through this?” and “How can we reach them?”

Well, now we can; and, so can you. Meet our team.


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How we help

Help us help others

We work on a national level and can address recovery from wildfires, tornadoes, floods, mudslides, and hurricanes. Although our team leaders consult on a voluntary basis, we fund raise for travel and administrative costs for our team to continue to provide this service. If you are aware of an organization that would be willing to support our mission, or if you’re in a position to help yourself, please consider donating to help us get to the community leaders who need our support.