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As the entire world seeks to re-imagine itself after COVID-19, natural disasters continue to affect people across the country leaving them more vulnerable to economic and emotional turmoil. We are committed to sharing information with community leaders affected by disasters, while also keeping ourselves and others safe by curtailing our activities to suit the current environment. Although we are unable to physically travel to disaster locations at this time, we continue to support communities using video conferencing and phone calls. When travel conditions improve, we will reevaluate and inform you when we are once again able to travel.

Meet the Team

With experiences ranging from small communities to large cities, we are prepared to assist community leaders new to disaster and help them to address the everyday frustrations and roadblocks that are present when disaster strikes. We want to provide guidance so communities experiencing disasters don't have to do it on their own.  Read more...

The Disaster Leadership Team

The Disaster Leadership Team is made up of seasoned disaster recovery leaders offering one-on-one mentorship and support to help disaster communities establish, and operate long-term recovery organizations. We are a national 501(c)(3) organization made up of volunteers.

Our goal is to speed recovery by supporting community leaders through sharing our knowledge and experience of disaster recovery.

First Anniversary Commemoration, Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery
First Anniversary Commemoration, Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery

Where to Next?

Find out more about how we helped other communities, including our own. If you, or a community you know, is in need of disaster recovery mentors, please contact us so we can begin to help put the pieces in place for a smoother recovery. Although our team is located throughout the U.S., we are deployed through one central staff member that can be reached at (800) DLT-4203.

What Makes Our Team Unique

  • We know the recovery journey through all phases…because we have been there!
  • Our team members come from all over the country having personally experienced a variety of disasters, each with its own set of recovery challenges.
  • While no two disasters are alike, many of the steps of recovery share a common methodology. Disaster recovery may be a marathon, but we bring to the table the experience and the knowledge of how to get there faster.
  • Because we have each worked directly in disaster recovery within our own communities, we know how to set up systems and processes efficiently and in anticipation of state and federal funding requirements.
  • Our members come from many backgrounds, but we share this: a compassionate drive to pass on our hard-earned knowledge to others facing the many challenges of rebuilding their communities.

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Disaster Leadership Team

After the initial emergency of the disaster has passed and a community is beginning to identify what comes next, our team can work to help organize and form a Long-Term Recovery Organization to handle all aspects of community-related disaster recovery including:

Case Management
Unmet Needs
Volunteer Management
Construction Management
Donation Management
Spiritual/Emotional Care
Organizations and Government Agencies Collaboration
Disaster Policy and Language

Because we became experts in our own communities’ recoveries, our journeys can help yours.

Let Our Recovery Help You

No one expects to be in a natural disaster. When it happens, it’s a surreal and life-changing experience.  For some, it means picking up the pieces and finding a new normal.  For others, it becomes a call to assist others find that new normal.

The Disaster Leadership Team is made up of individuals who have been through a natural disaster and have led their community through recovery to that new normal. Each team member has extensive experience and knowledge in disaster recovery.

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