Our mission is to work with community leaders new to disaster and support them emotionally while sharing our experience and knowledge.  We want to make it easier, less stressful, and to reduce the length of a community’s recovery

Experienced disaster recovery leaders

Adept at establishing long-term recovery organizations

Offering emotional support for community leaders

02How we help

We help communities who request help either through recovery partners or who contact us directly. Our Executive Director is our main point of contact who completes an intake process with the community leader to find out more about the disaster event, the community, and the current situation. Each team member has specialty areas where they have extensive experience and the ED works with the team to identify who is available to assist. Each community we help, will be on this journey for at least 2 years. Our team is committed to helping through the entire recovery process.


Our team has assisted communities after wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. Areas we have assisted since inception:

Floods in Nebraska: Dodge County, Sarpy County, Douglas County, Heartland LTR, East Central LTR

Wildfires in CA - Woolsey Wildfire, Campfire Wildfire in Paradise

Hurricane Michael - Gulf County LTR, North Florida Inland LTR

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