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Are you ready to join our team? Are you a natural disaster recovery leader and want to share what you've learned?

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How to get help in my community?

Tell us about your situation and the basics of the disaster you experienced so we can get you a mentor.

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Our team is aligned around a set of goals for each community to assist their long-term recovery.

Become a Team Member

Review our team’s criteria on becoming a DLT member or a valued member of our Advocacy Team.

Recommend a Team Member

We help communities who ask for our help but we know that the people with boots on the ground have front row seats to identify the community members who are all in. Those go-to people are the ones who can help others get through to the other side of recovery. Let us know if you know someone in a community that would make a great team member.


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Meet Our Volunteers

With experiences ranging from small communities to large cities, we are prepared to assist community leaders new to disaster and help them to address the everyday frustrations and roadblocks that are present when disaster strikes. We want to provide guidance so communities experiencing disasters do not have to do it on their own.

Carlene Anders Mayor Pateros WA

Carlene Anders

Executive Director

Renee White, PhD, Professor University of Southern State MO

Renee White

Board President & Team Member

Stephanie Brady Community Clinic Joplin MO

Stephanie Brady

Board Vice President & Team Member

Janice Butler

Board Treasurer & Team Member

Nina Andaloro Disaster Leadership Team

Nina Andaloro

Board Secretary

Christine Files Attorney at Law

Christine Files

Team Member

Robin Clegg

Board Member & Team Member

Anna Tangredi Retired Texas State Emergency Management

Anna Tangredi

Board Member & Team Member

Sheryl Monette Lutheran Social Services MN

Sheryl Monette

Board Member & Team Member

Dean Minardi

Board Member & Team Member

Valerie Brown

Board Member & Team Member

Elizabeth DiPaolo

Board Member

Steve Barbour

Team Member

Dante Gliniecki

Board Member

Mark Longoria

Board Member & Team Member

Volunteer Testimonials

Our team strives to reduce the length of a community’s recovery from natural disaster by providing direct mentorship for local community leaders. We work with ‘new to disaster’ community leaders to support them emotionally and share experiences and knowledge, including toolkits and resources. We want to make it easier and less stressful for community leaders and build resiliency into their long-term recovery organization for the next disaster.

Tell us about a community leader you know who would be a great team member or if you know a community struggling to pull it together following disaster. We are here to help.