Jessica Rounds

Disaster Recovery Skills

Jessica volunteers with the following organizations:

  • Okanogan County Community Action Council
  • Omak/Okanogan LTRO
  • Oroville/Tonasket LTRO
  • Okanogan Family Faire
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Jessica Rounds

Board of Directors & Team Member

Jessica Rounds is the Lead Disaster Case Manager for the Okanogan County Long Term Recovery Group and she has worked in the local school district and juvenile justice department for 19 years. She is skilled at creating curriculum for speech and language programs and implementing them in a small group settings across the Birth to 21 age groups in Special Services Programs.

As the assistant to the Director of Special Services for over 10 years, she was responsible for all case and file management, including in-house audits of the IEP’s and Evaluation Reports, parent notices and scheduling of all appointments within the program. Jessica wrote grants for State compliance of grants and was the Districts Medicaid Billing Coordinator for special services provided to students, including training staff and compliance of their reports to the State.

In the last six years, she has worked as a Lead Disaster Case Manager and provided recovery services and referrals to over 300 households and connected with over 900 households in 4 counties during the 2014/2015 Wildland Fires in WA State to identify those with unmet needs. She maintains a database of over 90 informational points for each household and holds weekly staff meetings and DCM team meetings with clear agendas. Jessica works directly with her team to provide needed services to the clients.

Jessica has served as a guest speaker at FEMA Trainings and provided training to the State EMD, WAFAC and specific grassroots groups, coordinated with local and state organizations to hold  disaster preparedness, response and recovery workshops. She also leads county long term recovery organizations in identifying community needs regarding disasters and helping to organize their relief efforts and communication with the county officials.

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