Introduction to Disaster Recovery

If your community is new to disaster recovery, this is a great starting point. This presentation contains the basics of what a long-term recovery groups is and how it functions to help your community get home.

screenshot of LTRG

Grantwriting & Fundraising, Stephanie Brady

Stephanie Brady, Jopin, MO addresses the basics of finding funding after a disaster affects your community. Learn avenues for funding. Learn how to build relationships with funders and learn how to prepare a successful application.
Show Me the Money, Finding Support for your Cause Show me the money

Bridging the Gap for Harvey Recovery

Thank you for attending the Bridging the Gap for Harvey Recovery Conference. Below are the presentation materials from the Disaster Leadership Team (as well as guest speakers). Video production is underway and will be published as soon as we receive them (potential release date July 15).

Settling in for the Long Haul
Getting & Keeping Volunteers
Grant Writing & Fundraising
Preventing Burnout
Importance of Data Collection
Unmet Needs
Fiscal Controls & Policies
Emotional & Mental Health Strategies
Repairs & Rebuilds Bridging the Gap from Harvey