Become a Disaster Leadership Team Member

We are currently recruiting team members throughout the U.S. whose community’s have been affected by disaster and helped them through long-term recovery.  Members are appointed. The following is a list of requirements for team members. If you’re interested in joining, please fill in the form to the right.

Good communicator



Good facilitator

Good listener


A Team member…

…is willing to share their knowledge and experience with leaders in new disasters
…is willing to mentor 1-3 community leaders per year
…is willing to give or participate in 1-3 presentations per year
…is willing to prepare and present one Webinar Topic catered to your expertise
…is willing to document and file a report no less than the first year of that mentorship

Are you able to support a community long-term through their recovery (via telephone)?

Are you able to travel to a disaster location for 2-3 days approximately 2 times per year?

Are you available for monthly team meetings?

Have you been involved in your community's disaster recovery?