Flo Walker-Knox

Salvation Army, NHQ EDS Director

Flo currently works at The Salvation Army National Headquarters as the Emergency Disaster Services Director. Previous positions within The Salvation Army over the past 33 years include Government Liaison/EDS Program Specialist; Basic Needs Program Specialist; Disaster Services Training and Development Specialist; Coordinated Assistance Network (CAN) Liaison; Emergency Social Services Director for the Midland Division; Assistant Flood Director in response to the Great Flood of 1993; and Director of General Support Services in Syracuse, New York, where she coordinated the Emergency Social Services program for the Area Command.

Flo initially came to the United States from Northern Ireland to work at The Salvation Army’s Camp Connri in Connecticut where she met her Husband of 33 year, Tom.  Tom also works for The Salvation Army as the Development Director for the National Capital and Virginia Division.  They have one son, David.

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1 800 358 4203

Washington, DC

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