Sue joined the OCLTRG in December 2013. Since that time she has been instrumental in building a solid community based recovery network grounded in a true spirit of collaboration and problem solving. This collaborative system guided by her leadership, vision and passion has assisted thousands of Hurricane Sandy victims navigate their recovery. To date the OCLTRG has facilitated 6 million dollars in direct funding to survivors, has assisted homeowners in the Sandy NFIP Claims Review which has resulted in additional payments of 5 million dollars and provided over 250 community workshops that have provided much needed knowledge, guidance and clarity on how to navigate the many complexities of the recovery process. With her extensive experience and knowledge of insurance claims following disaster, Sue started Compass82 to help expedite sustainable recovery of ravaged communities through the complexities of the recovery process.

Susan Marticek

Founder & Executive Director, Compass82

Sue has worked in the field of Emergency Management for over 17 years and has a degree in Biology and a Master of Public Administration in Emergency and Disaster Management.  She has held posts at the American Red Cross, FEMA and is currently the Executive Director for the Ocean County Long Term Recovery Group (OCLTRG).

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Toms River, New Jersey

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