Eric Thayer, Photographer
Eric Thayer, Photographer

Our Goals

  • Reduce the length of a community’s recovery by providing direct mentorship for local community leaders
  • Work with ‘new to disaster’ community leaders to support them emotionally
  • Share experience and knowledge, including toolkits and resources
  • Make it easier and less stressful for community leaders
  • Build resiliency into the community’s long-term recovery organization for the next disaster

Our Services

The Team brings a wealth of experience from seasoned leaders in disaster recovery who can offer one-on-one, face-to-face guidance and support to communities who have experienced a disaster in establishing and operating Long Term Recovery Organizations. We feel passionately that the knowledge and experience we have gained through disaster leadership should not be wasted. Disaster recovery community leaders face a labyrinth of obstacles and challenges. We are there to support them by listening, advising, and connecting.

Recovery begins as soon as disaster strikes and because of this, the team is in contact with several organizations that alert us when communities are affected by disaster.  Once we receive a referral and an invitation to assist from the community, a team member will contact the community leadership by telephone to find out the current needs and to put together a plan of action. Two DLT members can be deployed to the site to answer questions and help navigate the bigger picture.  The visiting DLT members will then conference with a team of 8-10 experienced disaster recovery leaders for further consultation.  Those individuals are available by phone or in person to help identify resources and to provide support and direction.

We work on a national level and can address recovery from wildfires, tornadoes, floods, mudslides and hurricanes.  Although our team leaders consult on a voluntary basis, we need to cover travel and administrative costs for our team to continue to provide this service.  If you are aware of an organization that would be willing to support our mission, please contact us